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What! 90 minutes! That's not a festival.

Well it is now - just on a small scale. The event will take place in Huntingdon, Quebec, a small town of 2688 inhabitants.

We have decided to offer our citizens the best of animation for one lively and amusing evening at the local library.

January 2021! Fifth edition !!!!

World's Smallest Animation Festival.

In 2019 we received 1700 submissions!

We will present between 26 and 32 films during the festival.

We are looking for films for adults or teens.

All types will be considered: 2D, 3D (cgi), stop motion and pixillation.

No timelapse.

As for the 2021 edition, this year we have:

An official program.

An official public award.

A small statuette will be sent to the winner via regular mail.

A small cash prize for the public award.

You can see our past winners by clicking on the link below.

We are looking for films between 2 and 8 minutes long.

What will we do with your film? One thing only: screen it.

Besides having a good time, the main objective of the festival is to allow our fellow citizens to discover animation and encourage interest in this art form.

So, why not submit your film?

The event is free and you will be contributing to a unique evening in a small town in Quebec.

Festival director



January 16th 2021

Little Green Library

7:30 PM

4 Rue Lorne, suite 103

Huntingdon, QC

J0S 1H0

Phone: (450) 264-4872

Date of the event: January 16th 2020

Deadline for film submissions: September 30th, 2020.

You will receive an answer before the festival.

or send me an email for more information:


You know where this goes!

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En collaboration avec La Petite Bibliothèque Verte